free friday

Today is my 2nd Free Friday event. I am offering the community an opportunity to learn about acupuncture and to experience it firsthand. Based on how it went the first time, I decided that this time I'd better schedule appointments!

I decided to start doing this event as a means to bring the medicine to the people. While I am surprised at times with the open response to acupuncture when I talk with people about it, I realize that few in Lake County have been exposed to what the needles look like, what a treatment consists of, and, most importantly, what they experience in a treatment. It is my intention to offer free treatment events throughout 2011, once a month.

So yeah, from 11am-3pm today, I am giving away treatments. Each person that signed up gets a half-hour of chat, diagnostic interaction, and a simple, safe treatment so that they get a sense of what acupuncture is all about.

I have not set dates for Free Fridays going forward, and, in fact, it might be a different day than Friday next month. I will keep you posted here, on Facebook, via Twitter, and at my website as I determine the date and time.

I will write more about the experiences of the day this evening, but in my excitement about the event, I wanted to put some quick words down about it.

To witness someone experience a shift in their being, be that their level of pain, in their thoughts or emotions, or in their spirit, is truly remarkable. To see someone get up off the treatment table feeling different, however that shows up, is amazing. It is a gift that I feel honored and grateful to be a part of. For me, that's what this work is all about--helping people. Working with another from a place of trust and respect is uplifting and inspiring to me.

One of my teachers talked often about taking in what we learned and then making sure we give it away. Thanks, Bob, for the lesson.

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