flying timeitis and a three-step "cure"

Well, since my last post, I have:
--visited the family in Oregon
--co-hosted a 60th birthday/40th anniversary party for my awesome parents
--returned from Oregon and did a bunch of treatments
--celebrated my 38th birthday
--attended craft fairs in Mentor (x2), Akron (x2), Gordon Square, and Lakewood (my wife is a jewelry designer, and in shameless-plug fashion her work can be found here)

Sprinkle in random acts of husbandry and father-stuff like cooking, shuttling the daughter to and from volleyball practice, and so forth, and man, life has been moving quickly. Fly is timing. ;) August is half-way done. School will be back in session soon.

I know I'm not alone in all this crazy running around, and I'll wager some people reading this would look at my list and think it's a little light compared to theirs. We are busy, we are stressed out, and we've got a lot of stuff to do! It's all too common in our world today, and if one isn't careful, the accompanying side effects can mess with you on multiple levels.

Here are three things that anyone can do to help themselves feel better in the face of flying timeitis:

1) Breathe. This may sound dumb, but it works. Read these next few sentences, then stop and check in with yourself. Sit upright in a chair. Notice your posture. Get comfortable. Take a slow, deliberate, deep breath in, focusing your attention onto the upper part of your chest. Fill your chest with air and exhale quickly, letting go. Different breath, wasn't it? Most of us don't breathe fully unless we bring our attention to it. In the face of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, we forget to breathe. Take a minute now to pause and breathe.

2) Drink water. Again, duh, right? Everyone knows that we're supposed to drink water . . . But how much have you had today? Are your lips chapped? Is your mouth and throat dry? When you went to the bathroom last, what color was your urine? We all need water. In the hot of the summertime, we need more than we think. But Austin, you're saying, I spend my time cool in air conditioning! This dries you out even more. Do yourself a favor, and have a glass of water. And then, have another one.

3) Know your limits. We all push. One more thing, task, chore, especially now, as days have started getting noticeably shorter. Just this last thing . . . When we're tired is when we're most likely to make a mistake, injure our bodies, get in an accident, etc. As my mom likes to tell me, Everything counts. Rest is included in that, as is checking in on your inner wisdom. Is it worth pushing to get that one last thing done today? Can it wait until you're better able to give it your full attention? If you're going to saddle up and push through to get it done, are you willing to accept whatever the consequences are? Knowing your limits, and respecting them, is an important thing.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to get through a bout of flying timeitis, I hope these simple steps help.

Until next time,


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